BARNiTE Dec 16th 2017

We had a nice Bar Nite on Saturday (Dec 16). We want to thank MIC Golf, Captain & Sub-Sec Golf  for your encouragement and support without which we couldn’t have done this.

The Music was nice.. We had envisaged an intimate setting and that was what we got. Being an enclosed space, there was some chatter, but, the members did greatly enjoy and appreciate the show that was dished out. We had Naveen Samson Benjamin on the guitars – he is an upcoming guitar player AND was quite terrific, Alisha Thomas on the vocals – she is a recording artiste and has some hits to her name AND David Johnson on percussion – he plays for the popular Functuations Band (this is the band that accompanies Benny Dayal in his shows). So, long story short, quality musicians doing justice to their talent!!

We received tremendous positive feedback from the members.. Here is some of them:
1. ‘After a long time, the club was buzzing… We need more of these’ – Shiv Gupta, Golfer. This was, by and large, the most common feedback from whoever I spoke to.
2. ‘Thanks for the wonderful music nite. BarNite was delivered with a good mix of drinks, food and music’ – Ravi Kuppusamy, Golfer
3. ‘I don’t usually dig this genre of music.. But, it sounds great!! We should do more of these events and bring people together’ – Parthasarathy
4. ‘The key is to string these events together.. We should have these atleast once a month, give it sufficient publicity so that members can plan, attend and enjoy these
events’ – Philip Mathan, Golfer
5. ‘Its exciting to see such positive energy and vibrations in the Bar (yeah, I know!!)..
Events like this will help us use the club in ways that we haven’t used before’ – Babu Dhandapani, Golfer
6. ‘Music is great.. Drinks are great… The atmosphere is terrific.. We should try using the lawn the next time… And we should have more of these’

In summary, this Bar Nite was a success… Good Vibes, Good Music and Members had a good time… And we want more of this.


B Jaikumar               B Ravi                                      Venkat Krishnan
MIC, Bar (Annexe)    MIC, Catering (Annexe)          MIC, Entertainment (Annexe)

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